Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nachos Nachos

Name of Food Place : Nachos Nachos
Location : in the SACC mall, Section 14 Shah Alam

Ok here is another favourite place of mine, Nachos Nachos in Shah Alam. Whenever I have a craving for Chillis' food but is too lazy to go to Chillis, I will definitely go to this restaurant.

The menu is quite similar to the appetizers and starters as served in Chillis. However they do not have  the main courses as they do in Chillis. Bottomless drinks are also available here. And also desserts.

This restaurant is highly recommended to those who craves food in Chillis but is out of budget. Take a look below at some of the menus available.

 This is the chillie fries topped with melted cheese and sauce

Quesedillas baked to crisp filled with melted cheese, chicken or beef and onions

Triple plate, a combination of nachos with meat, barbeque chicken and potato skin. A must try!!

Last but not least, bottomless tostada chips with cheesy quesso and salsa dip.

The potato skin also comes on its own separate dish, it is also a must try!!


shauna r. said...

hi hida,
where exactly is this restaurant? i don't think i've noticed it before. the chilli friens and tostada chios look pretty tempting :)
do they have vegetarian friendly food as well?

HiDa said...

Hi Shaun,

Sorry for the late reply. Sadly to inform that they have closed this restaurant in Shah Alam.

Thus, the restaurant is no longer there.