Monday, May 17, 2010


Name of Food Place : William eating place

Location : Kelana Jaya, quite near to the Kelana Jaya LRT station

It's been a while since I've tried a new 'makan' place. This time I'm introducing you to another quite popular makan place in KL, William.

You'd be surprised at the interior of the place, which is non existence because it consists of only rows of table and chairs along an empty road which in the morning is used by stalls to sell stuffs. Some people call it like a broken stalls area.

Let's not talk about the interior but focus on the food. There are many food to choose from. There are no specific menu, but if you are a regular and already friends with Uncle William (the owner) like me and my friends, he will list down the menu for you, and even sometimes gives you free drinks ;)

Please take note that the portion of each food is huge, therefore it is advisable to share with a group of friends. You may also order different varieties of food and share it with your friends. That way you can taste different menu at one time.

Check out some of the menu that we have tried.

This is Spaghetti Marinara, filled with fresh and yummy seafood. Big prawns, squids and mussels

Grilled salmon with cheese. Love it!!

The above and below pic is spinach baked pasta with meatballs.. Very delicious

The above pic is lasagne meatballs

A friend with our big glass orders of Ribena Lychee

Well, in short so many menus to choose from. You'd be amazed at how fast they cook their meals but yet the taste is superb. You will not be dissappointed.

For further menu on William and pictures of other food, you may visit this website :


HiDa said...

More restaurants to cover..sigh there goes my dieting :)

KurstTea said...

hahahhah..there wont be a blog if u go on diet...btw how on earth u take pics of so many dishes...unless u go there berbondong atau rombongan cik kiah nyer..then bleh habis kot mknn tuh.

HiDa said...

Khalid, kenala pergi a few times baru bole capture those pics.

Or either gi ramai2 n force ppl to stop eating before u snap their food with ur camera ;)

Diet?? I fail miserably..sigh..