Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pizza Milano

Name of Food Place : Pizza Milano

Location : Level 2, One Utama (old building) and KLCC's food court

I have come to love this place not only because of it's crazily delicious and crispy pizzas but because it is also tagged with very reasonable price.

After having lunch with my family the other day, I just realized that this restaurant has always been a favourite of mine as it was actually another branch from the one they have in KLCC.

So you see, I have been eating this restaurant's pasta for years then. I especially love their spaghetti bolognaise and fettucini marinara. But now I am crazy of their pizzas...

Below are some of the foods that I have tried, enjoy.

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Pepperoni pizza


Spaghetti Olio

 Chicken pepperoni pizza, yummy!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nachos Nachos

Name of Food Place : Nachos Nachos
Location : in the SACC mall, Section 14 Shah Alam

Ok here is another favourite place of mine, Nachos Nachos in Shah Alam. Whenever I have a craving for Chillis' food but is too lazy to go to Chillis, I will definitely go to this restaurant.

The menu is quite similar to the appetizers and starters as served in Chillis. However they do not have  the main courses as they do in Chillis. Bottomless drinks are also available here. And also desserts.

This restaurant is highly recommended to those who craves food in Chillis but is out of budget. Take a look below at some of the menus available.

 This is the chillie fries topped with melted cheese and sauce

Quesedillas baked to crisp filled with melted cheese, chicken or beef and onions

Triple plate, a combination of nachos with meat, barbeque chicken and potato skin. A must try!!

Last but not least, bottomless tostada chips with cheesy quesso and salsa dip.

The potato skin also comes on its own separate dish, it is also a must try!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Name of Food Place : William eating place

Location : Kelana Jaya, quite near to the Kelana Jaya LRT station

It's been a while since I've tried a new 'makan' place. This time I'm introducing you to another quite popular makan place in KL, William.

You'd be surprised at the interior of the place, which is non existence because it consists of only rows of table and chairs along an empty road which in the morning is used by stalls to sell stuffs. Some people call it like a broken stalls area.

Let's not talk about the interior but focus on the food. There are many food to choose from. There are no specific menu, but if you are a regular and already friends with Uncle William (the owner) like me and my friends, he will list down the menu for you, and even sometimes gives you free drinks ;)

Please take note that the portion of each food is huge, therefore it is advisable to share with a group of friends. You may also order different varieties of food and share it with your friends. That way you can taste different menu at one time.

Check out some of the menu that we have tried.

This is Spaghetti Marinara, filled with fresh and yummy seafood. Big prawns, squids and mussels

Grilled salmon with cheese. Love it!!

The above and below pic is spinach baked pasta with meatballs.. Very delicious

The above pic is lasagne meatballs

A friend with our big glass orders of Ribena Lychee

Well, in short so many menus to choose from. You'd be amazed at how fast they cook their meals but yet the taste is superb. You will not be dissappointed.

For further menu on William and pictures of other food, you may visit this website :

Friday, April 23, 2010

Paklong's Cafe

Name of Food Place : Paklong's Cafe
Location : Section 3, Shah Alam

This post is kinda special as I dedicate it to my friend, Farhana aka Fab. This restaurant was opened about three weeks ago, and so far I have eaten here four times already. That is a compliment considering that this restaurant is fairly new and all.

The restaurant belongs to Farhana's brother and sister in law. The specialty of this restaurant must lie in the menu of their Western food. They have especially hired a former hotel souse chef in cooking their amazing arrays of pastas and other Western food. 

The menu may be the same as other restaurants such as bolognaise, carbonara, marinara, and salmon and cream, but what distinguishes it from other restaurants is the wonderfully unique and delicious flavour of each pasta. You'd be surprised that even the bolognaise is different and not all too sour like other bolognaise I have tasted in other places.

There are also other Western food to try such as their lasagna, their beef steaks, lamb chop, lamb shank, mixed grill (a combination of all meat steaks), chicken chop, fish & chips, seabass with lemon butter sauce.

You may find it mind boggling (because there are so many choices of food) to choose from but it will be all worth it.

The drinks are kept simple with different choices of juices and ice-blended. Desserts are yummy too such as caremel pudding and tiramisu.

Not forgetting to mention, they also have Malay and local cuisines. Quite famous is their char koay teow. Side dishes are also available such as french fries, wedges, calamari etc..

Prices of the food are very affordable and reasonable ;)

Below are some pictures for you to enjoy!!

Their beef steak

Fettucinni with Salmon & Cream Sauce

The above & below pic (Lamb Chop)..lurve the mint sauce and the dressing for the salad

Spaghetti Carbonara (not to creamy, the blend of spices makes the taste very unique)

Salmon Steak

Fettucinni Bolognaise (not too sour) unique and different

Mixed Grill (a combination of lamb, beef and sausage)

Potato wedges (fresh potatoes fried with crunchy bread crumbs)

Nasi Goreng Seafood

Different juices and caramel milk pudding

One very happy and satisfied customer with her Oreo Ice Blended

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chilli's Grill & Bar Restaurant

Name of Food Place : Chilli's Grill & Bar Restaurant
Location : Bangsar Shopping Centre, Midvalley, KLCC, One Utama and other branches

This is a very well known restaurant and I'm sure that I don't need to make any necessary introductions. However, since my family, friends and I are crazy about this restaurant and it's food, thus I dedicate this entry for just that.

This all time favourite restaurant of mine offers a variety of Mexican and Western food. Believe it or not, for the so many visits that I have made to Chilli's, not once have I ordered the main dish.

This is because even just the starters are so, so filling, that you may need to share with a friend just to finish it up. I always opt for the appetizer and starters only.

You may also love the bottomless drinks, i.e you can refill as many times as you want and will only be charged once. Love the desserts too..

Here are some of my favourite dishes ;) ENJOY THE PICS!!


With jalapeƱos and applewood smoked bacon (in Malaysa it is made from beef or chicken). Served with jalapeno-ranch dressing.



Pulled smoked chicken or spicy 100% USDA Choice ground beef with melted cheese, green onions and cilantro sour cream.


A crispy flour tortilla filled with smoked chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeƱo Jack cheese, red peppers and spinach. Served with avocado-ranch dressing.


Cheese dip with seasoned beef. Served with warm tostada chips and their house-made salsa.


Warm, rich chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge.


Served with their house-made salsa. New house-made salsa-ranch or ranch for an extra .

Topped with vanilla ice cream under a hard chocolate shell.

 Aahh.. what a perfect day with perfect food!!!

P/S : I also lurve their quesadillas..emm..yummy!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Radix Oriental Cuisine

Name of Food Place : Radix Oriental Cuisine
Location : Sungai Petani, Kedah

I came across this restaurant when I visited my dear friend, Syazwani in Alor Star, Kedah in December 2009. We had some errands to run in Sungai Petani and I was finding a really nice place to eat. She recommended this place.

This restaurant offers a variety of chinese or oriental cuisine. Under the HPA brand, Radix has other restaurants under the name Radix such as Radix Fried Chicken, Radix Pizza House, Radix Chicken House and Radix Bakery House. So far I have only been to this restaurant and I was quite satisfied with the taste and quality of the food. 

Below are some of the food that we tried. We left with a full stomach and a huge smile ;)

The above is my picture with the buttered prawns (fried to perfection with eggs and flour), really crunchy and yummy, mixed veggies and the 'kerapu' fish cooked with the name '3 rasa'. The fish was also very tasty and crunchy..

My friend Syazwani with an array of food that we ordered

Us with our food, while at the shelf behind us are all the Radix food products

This is how the restaurant looks at night from the front. Nice red interior!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Decanter

Name of Food Place : The Decanter
Location : Bukit Damansara and a few other branches

I have not been here for almost 6 months since moving workplace to Shah Alam but I have always enjoyed this place. Nasreen introduced me to this restaurant and we are sooo in Love with the Indonesian Fried Rice.

Below are some of the pictures that I have taken together with the pictures of my friends' various food.

This is the famous Indonesian Fried Rice together with the delicious egg tart on the upper left

Please take note that the desserts are quite yummy too..

There are also some other main dishes to try such as their noodles, their pasta dishes, their steaks and pies.


First and foremost, alhamdulillah finally I managed to create this blog for all the food lovers out there. I will be posting all kinds of food that I have tasted while highlighting new eating places for us food lovers to explore.

So do keep reading this blog. I will be posting some interesting food pictures too. Till then, toodles..