Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Name of place : Cizz Cake
Location          : Bandung, Indonesia

Last month I had the opportunity to go for a shopping vacation for 6 days in Bandung. My friends and I had a super great time.

On the 5th day, I met with my close Indonesian friends and they introduced me to this fantastic cheese cake shop in Bandung.

The moment they told me they were bringing me to a cheese shop, I was so excited as I am truly a cheese cake lover.

And boy, was I not disappointed at all :). The cakes were in small sizes but enough to make you full and filled. So don't be deceived thinking that it won't be enough.

They were so many choices to choose from and my mouth was just watering from looking at the array of flavours they had to offer. Every single one looked so tempting...

I finally chose caramel as it oozes with deliciousness and my other friends chose avacado and blueberry flavours respectively.

The prices are only around 15,000 rupiah or around RM5 for a piece of the cake.

The moment I tasted a spoonful of the cake, I was HOOKED!! The texture of the cake was so smooth and soft that it practically melted in mouth. No regrets at all :)

So if any of you are in Bandung, please make sure to try and check out this cheese cake shop. Enjoy the pics :)

Among the flavours offered

Our choices :)