Friday, April 23, 2010

Paklong's Cafe

Name of Food Place : Paklong's Cafe
Location : Section 3, Shah Alam

This post is kinda special as I dedicate it to my friend, Farhana aka Fab. This restaurant was opened about three weeks ago, and so far I have eaten here four times already. That is a compliment considering that this restaurant is fairly new and all.

The restaurant belongs to Farhana's brother and sister in law. The specialty of this restaurant must lie in the menu of their Western food. They have especially hired a former hotel souse chef in cooking their amazing arrays of pastas and other Western food. 

The menu may be the same as other restaurants such as bolognaise, carbonara, marinara, and salmon and cream, but what distinguishes it from other restaurants is the wonderfully unique and delicious flavour of each pasta. You'd be surprised that even the bolognaise is different and not all too sour like other bolognaise I have tasted in other places.

There are also other Western food to try such as their lasagna, their beef steaks, lamb chop, lamb shank, mixed grill (a combination of all meat steaks), chicken chop, fish & chips, seabass with lemon butter sauce.

You may find it mind boggling (because there are so many choices of food) to choose from but it will be all worth it.

The drinks are kept simple with different choices of juices and ice-blended. Desserts are yummy too such as caremel pudding and tiramisu.

Not forgetting to mention, they also have Malay and local cuisines. Quite famous is their char koay teow. Side dishes are also available such as french fries, wedges, calamari etc..

Prices of the food are very affordable and reasonable ;)

Below are some pictures for you to enjoy!!

Their beef steak

Fettucinni with Salmon & Cream Sauce

The above & below pic (Lamb Chop)..lurve the mint sauce and the dressing for the salad

Spaghetti Carbonara (not to creamy, the blend of spices makes the taste very unique)

Salmon Steak

Fettucinni Bolognaise (not too sour) unique and different

Mixed Grill (a combination of lamb, beef and sausage)

Potato wedges (fresh potatoes fried with crunchy bread crumbs)

Nasi Goreng Seafood

Different juices and caramel milk pudding

One very happy and satisfied customer with her Oreo Ice Blended