Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tony Roma's

Name of Food Place : Tony Roma's

Location : Sunway Pyramid, Pavillion, Midvalley and others

Maznifa and I were exhausted and famished after The Bodyshop Brush with Fashion event. Since it was our first time in Pavillion (imagine that?) we didn't know where to go.

So I decided to google and found out that Tony Roma's was in Pavillion. Since both Maz and I have never tried any food from Tony Roma's, we decided to give it a try.

The prices are quite pricey but the portion for each food are gigantic. I spent 3 hours to finish my food. It was tasty. Maz's hamburger tasted like pure American hamburger. Super delish!!!

I am looking forward to try more of it's menus. Basically they have steak, ribs, and seafood and it is Western food, my fav!!

Anyway, until I make more trips to Tony Roma's, do enjoy our food pics :)

Super yummy potato skins with cream
Onion ring beef burger, yums!!
Swiss chicken and beef bacon sandwich (a very filling meal)


CtieyHasmah said...

Babe...mmg lapar giler tgk food tu..yummy... ^.^

tak aci..lain kali ajak skali tau..!! eheehe

HiDa said...

Bole, bole len kali kita cuba plak makanan2 baru ye :)